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Atlanta Harp Rental rents lever harps to those wishing to study harp with approved harp instructors in the metro-Atlanta area. Lever harps are also referred to as celtic (KEL-tic) harps, Irish harps, folk harps and non-pedal or pedal-free harps. They are smaller, mechanically simpler versions of the harps used in orchestras. A lever beside each string can be moved by hand to change key or provide accidentals.


Whether studying classical or celtic repertoire, you will have more fun with a harp that has a range of at least 34 to 36 strings (4 1/2 to 5 octaves). Such a range will accomodate all the literature commonly assigned to beginning and intermediate students.


We rent Cunningham and Lyon & Healy Troubadour lever harps to students of harp teachers known to us in the metro-Atlanta area. If you need a teacher, we can refer you to those most convenient to you.


We deliver the instrument to your home and assist in selecting the best placement for it. We are available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about the instrument. We want you to be happy with your harp so you will want to practice!

You receive:
  • Home delivery

  • Guidance in best location of harp in your home

  • Advice in seating

  • Instruction in tuning

  • Information sheets on purchasing and changing strings

  • Tuning key

  • Dust cover

  • Referral to teachers if needed

  • Instruction sheet on care of the harp

Lever harps are generally low maintenance, but we are here to help if you should encounter any difficulty with your rental harp. Cunningham harps and Lyon & Healy harps are known for their quality and sound and are the choice of many teachers for students of all ages.


Monthly rental is $60. We request a $200 damage deposit which is refundable when the harp is returned in good condition. Minimum six month rental is preferred but short term rentals sometimes can be arranged at higher rates. Ongoing instruction from a harp teacher approved by us is a requirement for rental to ensure proper care of the instrument and a continual relationship with the renter.

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Atlanta, GA

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